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intelligent systems for serious control of

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Internally developed by audio specialists and software engineers, the SoundWedge switching and control system is truly next generation.

All-in-one compact and powerful solution for controlling headphones, portable speakers, smart TV's and sound bar retail displays for superior audio and video output.

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Why SoundWedge?

OLD retail technology

Known as dumb boards, high fail rates, difficult to troubleshoot, all parts from different suppliers, creates poor sound quality and hissing.

= lost sales
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NEW retail technology

Intelligent system media player and control board "all-in-one". Digital output for today's latest audio consumer products​. Track data and remote update contents. 0.01% fail rate.

= Increased sales

Choosing the right SoundWedge is easy!

Amazing modular system to suit all your needs.

Simply let us know your requirements and I'll expert team will put together

one total solution you can rely on!

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