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Choosing the right SoundWedge is easy, due to our amazing modular system. Simply read through the following 4 points below and let us know the requirements of your next project. 

We'll put together the right package for you!

A New Customer Experience

A New Customer Experience



SoundWedge is an amazing and powerful system ideal for customer experiences at retail.

To help learn which SoundWedge is right for you, simply contact our expert team and let us know the products you need to control, the customer experience or "journey" you would like, and the type of media you want to show on your display.

We'll put together a a full solution package based on your requirements including the appropriate SoundWedge, cables, power adaptors and screens.


One complete solution!



Next consider how you would like your customers to interact with your products, either touching the products directly, interacting via an external button or pad, or deeper interactivity with a touch screen interface.

From years of experience in creating retail customer interactions, our expert team will help advise the right experience to better engage your customers and help improve your sales.



Powered by a smart mini computer, the SoundWedge brings a vast array of customisable features to better enhance the customer experience.


Because we're big on engagement and conversion, it's the little things that goes under the hood that

customers will appreciate.


Such as controlled lighting to point to the product being played, or optimising the audio start level for each headphone product.

Let our expert team provide the best advice optimising the experience for your products.



Connect the SoundWedge to the internet and add-on these game changing modules.

Our Remote Ad Serving Module allows you to update all SoundWedge contents remotely without a single merchandiser going to the store. Save money today!

Our Data Insights Module tracks live customer data to learn more about your customers behaviors and on/off states of the retail display.

Get connected and get ahead.

the importance of having customers try your products 

Increase sales up to 50%

In today's bricks and mortar retail environment, consumer interaction with branded products is continually being transformed to provide more experiential interactions than what online shopping can provide to remain competitive and different in its offerings. Especially in the areas of consumer electronics where audio and visual, need to be seen and heard to truly compare the features offered from today's leaders in home entertainment products.

Everything from a single sound bar display or headphone, to an entire wall of sound bars and subwoofers, finding the right system for your home can be a hazardous area without the right information. Through our years of experience working with leading consumer electronic brands, we've found interactive displays that offer multiple product selections and deeper levels of engagement, customers are up to 50% more likely to purchase from a positive interactive experience.


Increasing engagement time and giving the consumer the right positive information, influences the consumer decision making process. This becomes invaluable in today's retail stores lacking expert advisors or even store staff to interact with during busy times.

While you have the customers engaged with your products, "cross product selling" such as pairing a sound system with a television, further increases the opportunity of selling multiple products.

​The SoundWedge system blended with our understanding of retail design, creates the perfect solution for displaying todays latest sound products!

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