The SoundWedge Standard is the core solution for controlling headphone, portable speaker, and sound bar retail displays. Media player and control board all-in-one, SoundWedge delivers superior sound quality in a compact solution.


Developed by audio specialists and software engineers, the SoundWedge switching and control system is truly next generation. No more messy cables and PCB “dumb boards”, no more dampened sound or limited functions, the SoundWedge delivers sound and control to the highest quality.

All-in-one Solution

We supply complete solutions including the SoundWedge, cables, buttons, interfaces, power adaptors and screens. Let us know your​ needs and we'll put together the right package for you.

Key Features

  • Superior sound quality sound - software driven engineering.

  • Smart media player and control board all-in-one.

  • Customisable solution to enhance the customer experience. 

  • Digital sound output: up to 4-6 speakers or headphones via optical or 3.5mm auxiliary inputs.

  • Outputs HDMI signal to external 1080p screen for demonstrating videos and advertising.

  • Amplified power for ultimate sound boosting.

  • Button control for selecting or touch screen controller.

  • Compatible with external screens, touch interfaces, camera and controlled LED lighting environments.

  • Compact and secure casing for low heat output.

  • Easy updating of media contents (with 4G or internet connection).

Recommend Add-Ons

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Remote Ad Serving Module

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Touch Screen Controllers

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