SoundWedge is purposefully designed for customer interaction of audio and video media across multiple consumer electronic products in a retail store.  

100% internally developed by audio and video specialists, and software engineers, SoundWedge ensures your audio and video play, performs as it should. No distortion or power noise issues, no loss of audio integrity running between a media player and switchers, SoundWedge delivers a powerful low maintenance all-in-one solution.

Why SoundWedge?


R  Superior audio quality. Forget tinny sounding cheap PCB boards. 

R  Reduces maintenance issues. Start saving money from costly fixes. 

R Half the size, half the headaches. All-in-one media player and switcher.

R Take control of the experience. Update media contents remotely. Keep it fresh.

R Gain customer insights at the heart of retail with intelligent data tracking.

R 0.01% fail rate to date. How much is it costing to fix your current tech solution?

Click on a SoundWedge below to learn more about its functions or scroll down for a comparison chart.


Meet the original SoundWedge. A leading powerful solution for controlling headphone, portable speaker, and sound bar retail displays. Media player and control board all-in-one, SoundWedge delivers superior sound quality in a compact solution.


Our latest product in our range of SoundWedge retail display controllers for audio products. The Mini features all the great sound and control you can expect from the SoundWedge, but offers an even more compact solution for retail displays with a smaller display footprint such as a headphone and portable speaker retail display.


The smallest in our SoundWedge range, the Nano is ideal for single product displays ranging from a headphone to a speaker, or sound bar.


A professional level system for Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers and sound bars.


Our latest product in high-end audio output and control, the SoundWedge Pro delivers the ideal solution for Dolby DDP & TrueHD with Atmos sound.


A professional level system for switching and play of superior audio fidelity for Amplifiers, Home Theater Systems, and Speakers.


keep it simple


Don't get bogged down on the tech, let us know your requirements and our expert team will put together a total solution including the right SoundWedge, customer interaction controller, cables, power and even video screens.

*1 - Allows alternative video feed supplied by retail store. 

*2 - Can be daisy-chained to support up to 16 TV/sound bar out. 

*3 - Optional mechanical buttons for user interaction. 

*4 - Optional LED strip control for dynamic product illumination. 

*5 - Optional feature for playing customer content. 

*6 - Optional hardware for Internet connection. 

*7 - Requires Internet connection. 

*8 - For LED strip only.