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SoundWedge Nano ideal for 3.5mm aux audio displays

Dear SoundWedge Community,

We're excited to be back writing again about our amazing technology. Today we'd like to come back to the the smallest product in our range, but certainly the most purposeful. Simply because recently we've been doing a lot of audio displays with the Nano, so its a great chance to show off again this amazing little system. Remember whats amazing about SoundWedge? Is its smart design to play media, switch, and even data track all in one amazing box. One box, less cost and less maintenance issues. Commercial plug over...lets get down to features.

SoundWedge Nano

The Nano is truly bite size. Easily fits into the palm of your hand yet this remarkable smart system delivers amazing audio sound and control. Compatible with a host of features such as push button controls for play, skip and volume, even an HDMI output for showing video with audio play.

Some awesome highlights include:

  • 1920x1080 video output resolution

  • 24-bit analog sound

  • 4 button switching control ports

  • Add-on layer for dynamic LED strips

  • USB port for easy updating

  • WIFI, BlueTooth and 4G compatible

Short on space? When it comes to smaller footprint displays for headphones and bluetooth speakers, space saving is critical. The SoundWedge Nano due to its compact size, is perfectly suited for such occasions.

Compact display champion

Need more? Check out the full set of specs on the SoundWedge Nano and his big sister and brother versions the Mini and Regular.

Thanks for reading, and to learn more about the amazing SoundWedge Nano, contact us at


SoundWedge Team

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