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keep it fresh

Upgrade the SoundWedge with our Remote Ad Serving Module to ensure your media contents are fresh and up-to-date for your new product releases.

R  Save time and money with remote updating your media.

R  Don't pay extra $$$ to visit each store and physically update the display.


R  Simply provide us with the media files and your update schedule, and we'll handle the rest.

Talk to us today on how to save money and increase customer interaction!

real market intelligence made easy

Connect with our Data Insights Module and gain first time invaluable insights into customer 

behaviours at the heart of retail.


R  Analyse consumer behaviours and trends to maximise your ROI.

R  Compare retailers and location data to learn where the most activity is occurring. 

R  Monitor the health of the displays to determine if they're on or malfunctioning (before the retailer tells you).

Talk to us to learn about our amazing cloud based platform for data tracking and analysing trends.


When it comes to screens, we've got you covered

  • Full 1080P video resolution

  • Open frame full size screens

  • Easy to integrate to the SoundWedge system

  • Capacitive touch and non touch models

  • Seamless video switching

  • 178º full viewing angle

  • Suitable for commercial retail purposes

  • Variety of sizes: 7", 10.3", 13", 18.5", 21"

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