"When we first crafted the SoundWedge the idea was simple. Make a compact smart system capable of adapting to tomorrow's retail space.

Today the SoundWedge is one of the most powerful and adaptable solutions for controlling headphone, portable speaker, sound bar and TV product displays at retail. Its compact all-in-one size powered by a mini-computer enables us to output superior sound and video, but also control a much wider array of marketing intelligence not seen before in stores today."


Founding Partner 


Our background in technology and love for audio and video led us to create SoundWedge

SoundWedge is a privately owned, full service developer and manufacturing company with internal facilitates in Shanghai and Guangdong. SoundWedge specialises in programming, developing and manufacturing of an all-in-one audio and video play and control system for retail displays such as TV walls, soundbar displays, speaker displays, headphone displays, and amplifier/speaker displays.

What makes SoundWedge unique is :

1. Professional level quality output of audio and video media driven by a powerful microprocessor,

2. "All-in-one" modular system reducing the need for separating a media player and switching control system,

3. Compact size reducing any issues for space restrictions in retail displays,

4. Affordability compared with other solutions.The SoundWedge has been specifically designed by audio & video engineers and leading software programmers to create the smartest system for controlling products at retail.

Our products include the SoundWedge Standard, Mini, Nano, Pro Atmos and custom Amp solutions. The SoundWedge range of products further boosts a series of add-on products that can be linked to our SoundWedge platform including the Retove Ad Serving Module, Sensor Systems, and Data Insights Module.

With our own in-house technical development and test lab team, we're able to control the end-to-end pipeline from product testing and customised programming, right down to selecting the best cables, power adaptors and buttons to ensure the customer experience is A+ and hassle free for maintenance. 

We're proud to partner with our amazing clients such as Polk, Panasonic, Marley, Hisense, Denon, and Hisense.